Financial Education

We will sit down with you in person, as well as in a group setting, and demonstrate time tested money management techniques. We will go over the basics of maintaining bank accounts through retirement. Through practice and application of these techniques, our clients can expect to become better able to manage their finances and reach their goals.

Debt Elimination

Our team will site with you, one on one, and review your credit report and a complete picture of your existing debt. We will work with you and your debtors to reach a workable plan of action to pay off/down your debt and stop the collection calls and the worry about the looming debt.

Credit Report Clean up

Our team will work with you to clean up your credit report. We will develop a plan of attack to manage bad entries and work with the creditors to update and/or remove report entries.

Budget Counseling

Our team will work with you to develop a budget. Beyond developing a budget, we will help you find a way to stick to the budget.

Saving and Investing

We will work with you to come up with a savings strategy that will help you acheive your goals. Whether your goal is to take the long overdue vacation or retire some day, we will help you find and put away you money.







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