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The JNR Group is a Consumer Credit Counseling Service agency providing financial services including Financial Education Classes and Webinars, Debt Elimination Strategies, Credit Help, Budget Counseling, and Savings Programs and Strategies.

You have taken the right first step, now it is up to commit to learning how to run.

The JNR Group

5501 W. Cleveland Ave.

Milwaukee, WI 53219

(414) 315-4524


We are a not for profit organization that realizes people generally want to pay their bills and be responsible with their money. Issues surrounding employment or financial hardships often cause people to enter panic mode and we are here to help find solutions for getting back to financial health. In addition, some of us are just confused by finances and need the help learning how to budget, find resources for saving, learn how to invest, and obtain counseling on how to make a life changes that will make their life better. These are all services we provide and you will find a less stressful and more rewarding fincial future just around the corner... Right after you call us to schedule an appointment.


This program isn't for everyone. Before you go any further, ask yourself if you are ready to learn how to be finacially responsible, willing to do what it takes to succeed in the program, and are committed to a better life. If you said YES to all three, then call today and get started!


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News: New website is posted. Welcome to the new website for The JNR Group. Please provide your thoughts on the site at support@thejnrgroup.com. We look forward to hearing from you and taking this site and our services to the next level.

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